500 Startups Miami

Road to Series A

2018 Growth Program

Achieve your growth goals cheaper, faster

Applications close August 24th, 2018

500 Startups has brought its internationally renown Growth Program & world-class mentors to Miami to help high-growth tech startups reach the next level of scalable and repeatable growth. Read more on our blog here.

If you have found PMF and are ready to scale, or you are looking to validate a new growth strategy, these 10 weeks entirely devoted to your growth, actively testing, refining and validating your strategies are for you. (You only need to be in Miami for 4 out of 10 weeks, the rest can be remote follow-up.) This program is designed to be as least disruptive as possible for your business, whilst helping you exponentially grow.

In this 10-week program you will learn about:

  • How to get to 20% MoM growth through the Growth System
  • How to spot growth opportunities through advanced behavioral analytics
  • How to develop features that will increase retention using “Jobs to be Done”
  • How to create a winning deck and deliver a solid pitch in front of Series A investors
  • … and much more!

Other amazing benefits of the program

  • Tap into 500 Startups world-class network in Silicon Valley and around the world
  • Present your startup at the program’s Demo Day in front of investors at the end of the program

Only 10 companies will be accepted, with special focus on South East US and Latam.

Some more details

  • This program is free. No program fee, no equity taken.
  • Program is for founders + key team members
  • Work out of 500 Startups Miami for the duration of the program
  • Presence is required in Miami for at least 4 out of the 10 weeks of the program (including Demo Day)
  • Program runs from September 24 - November 30, 2018 (including Demo Day)

Read here what Miami Herald is saying about this program!

After participating in 500 Startups Distro Dojo Miami 2015 (previous name for Growth Program)

  • CinePapaya negotiated a successful exit via sale to Fandango
  • Ofi raised $6M usd for its Series A
  • Participating startups saw average +3x increase in annual revenue one year after the program

If you want to know more, contact us at miami@500.co